Strong Meeting checklist

The following inventory can be used by groups to examine how well they are carrying the message according to OA traditions.

1. Does the meeting start and end on time?

2. Are all attending, including newcomers, greeted and made to feel
welcome and accepted?

3. Does the meeting focus on OA recovery through the Twelve Steps
and Twelve Traditions?

4. Do we offer our own experience, strength and hope, sharing the
solution we have found?

5. Is the group contributing financially to all levels of OA service as
per our Seventh Tradition?

6. Are sponsors available and identified at the meeting?

7. Does the group practice anonymity by reminding members not to
repeat who is seen or what personal sharing is heard at a meeting?

8. Does the group follow a meeting format?

9. Is only OA-approved literature on display and for sale?

10. Are group conscience meetings held regularly?

11. Are all service positions filled, and is rotation of service practiced?

12. Is the meeting information readily available and the WSO
informed of all meeting details and changes so that newcomers and
visitors can find our meeting

13. Are cross talk and advice-giving avoided?